Greetings from the land of wind. It has been so windy today that there was no possible way to work outdoors. Or hang laundry out to dry. It was, however, a great day for hanging around Ravelry and visiting Knitty. I checked out all the patterns when the spring Knitty came out, but I wasn’t really attracted to any of them at the time. Now I really like Talia. I’ve always loved layering, and I think I need some sweaters to layer with my t’s and tank tops. There was a time when I believed all of my knitted garments needed to be sweaters with sleeves. These days, I find myself changing my mind about so many things when it comes to clothing. Heck, I might even get gutsy and knit a top for myself one of these days.

Good news on the actual knitting front. I have finished the back of the Happy Hen sweater and started a sleeve.

Yesterday I probably promised pictures for today, but we spent today’s fun hours visiting the Dr. This was my first time taking a sick kid to the doctor. Knitter #3 has been sick since Sunday. The dr. thought she would probably be fine in a few days. We think she might have eaten something that didn’t agree with her. She started out throwing up and has had diarrhea for several days. He did tell me how much liquid Immodium I could give her. Hopefully she will be back to her normal, mischievous self in no time.


Probably Jane said…
Get well wishes to Knitter #3!

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