The Pirate Map

The shawl is blocking, finally. It took nearly all my available pins. I hope she dries fast, because we kind of need our bed for sleeping tonight. The pins are stuck through the cardboard and into our bed.

The green towel is stretched all the way across and taped to the back of the cardboard. It is my favorite blocking towel because it is very big.

This is the pirate map I made:

It is complete with a sea monster and an X to mark the spot. All good treasure maps have sea monsters if you ask me. When I was a kid, I loved pictures of old maps with sea monsters on them.

I can’t believe that it is almost time for school to be out. Next Wednesday is Knitter #2’s last day of preschool. In the fall, it will be kindergarten and riding a real school bus. Fortunately for her it will only be twice a week. She’s a real slow dresser. I made her go to school in her pj’s one day a couple months ago. Her teacher said she wouldn’t speak to anyone for 10 minutes. That child is ALL girl…

That reminds me. Some people may remember the incident back in February when I got tulips that my husband believed were roses on a certain holiday. One of the guys he worked with said “You’re just all man aren’t you?” So, Mother’s Day rolls around and he goes into a local store and finds me a gift he is just sure I will like. Before I tell you what it is, I have 2 things to say. First, my birthday is coming up and I am scared. Second, we are keeping the gift as a reminder. He bought me a mirror with a frosted image of a bull elk bugling. The girl at the store asked him if it was for me or him. I was thinking about getting him a new hd tv for Father’s Day, but now I am wondering if I should get him a spinning wheel instead…


Rima said…
The shawl is beautiful.

I totally totally love the pirate map. How cool is that! My boyfriend would freak out.
mooncalf said…
I love the Pirate map too but it is the image of "a mirror with a frosted image of a bull elk bugling" that forced me to comment. Pictures - please!
LOVE the shawl, hope it dried in time!

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