Progress Shots!

Once more, I have been sucked into Ravelry for FAR too many hours in one day. First I was looking at a hat, and something like 3 hours later I told myself I was doing research for Christmas. Pathetic.

Good news today. Our sick little knitter is feeling fabulous. She is eating, playing, fighting, and throwing tantrums again.

My first picture today is the Bugling Elk mirror:

Next up, we have finished and blocked Luna Moth Shawl:

So pretty, so tiny. I may find myself wearing it as scarf. It will be cozy warm no matter how I wear it.

This is the back of the Happy Hen sweater:

There are blue strings holding stitches so I can do a three needle bind off for the shoulders. I decided to just hold on to the back of neck stitches, as well. Next we have about half of a sleeve:

These sleeves are very fast. That’s the great thing about knitting for kids. Things knit up so much faster when they are so small!


Oh my oh my that Luna Moth shawl is AMAZING!! What an impressive FO:)
mooncalf said…
Thanks for posting the picture. I'm slightly disappointed because I thought the Bugling Elk would be playing the bugle. But it is much nicer than I expected for the same reason :)

I love your shawl. That is such a lovely pattern and the colour is beautiful.
Rebecca said…
The mirror is pretty funny. And let me tell you, those Kromski spinning wheels are fabulous, hehe. The shawl came out beautifully.

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