And the Work Commences...

At some point this afternoon, I began to wonder if I was making the best use of my crafting time. I spent about 3 hours searching out and copying free clip art for the scrapbooks I want to make for the girls. I think I did well. We will see if it is enough to fill up 2 little books.

Here is the Manchester United Scarf I am making for my niece:

I have decided I have spent enough time playing the perfectionist game and will leave the black stripe the way it is. Future black stripes will have only 2 rows so I can avoid the yucky mix I have in the edging.

Last night I cut out the elf doll pattern:

And this morning, after much looking, I found the nightgown pattern. It says you need 2 1/8 yards of fabric. As I recall, the night gowns were really long, so it will be easy enough to shorten them about 6 inches. The ones I already made are floor length on the girls.

And look who we got a letter from!

It is SO exciting to get an actual letter from Santa. Way cool!


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