I Love My High Speed...

I can’t express to you how exhausted I am. And I have basically done nothing today. There is a cold wind that has been howling outside for most of the day. I felt sorry for the guy from Wildblue that came to put in our satellite today. But I am loving my high speed internet. I went wild this afternoon, reading blogs that I haven’t read in months. My feet are icy cold, though.

We must be starting a new round of sickness in our house because Knitter #3 went to bed at her own request at about 5:30 tonight after crying and saying her tummy hurt. She asked me if she could go to bed. Poor baby. And my husband has a sore throat. He probably has the bug that stole my voice earlier in the week.

We do have the needed parts for our hot tub if we can just put them in. Well, we hope they are the needed parts. There is always the possibility the pump is bad. I really hope that isn’t the problem because it is supposed to get REALLY cold this week and I am worried the heat lamp will burn out on us. If we get the problem fixed, I guess we will find out how long it takes the tub to heat up in cold weather. I expect it would take 2 or 3 days this time of year.

Perhaps a night like this would be a good time to start reading a book with a lot of snow and ice in it. I checked out Smilla’s Sense of Snow from the library a few days ago. I have the movie, so now I will see if there are any similarities or if they changed any important facts. Sometimes novels made into movies bear little resemblance to the novel. What I really dislike is when they change a few important points. Like when The Firm was made into a movie. In the movie, the main character cares about being a lawyer. In the novel, he just cares about making of lot of money so his family will never do without again. To me, that ruined the movie. That and casting Tom Cruise in it, heh heh.


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