What I've Been Up To

The day after my last post, I got sick and couldn’t even lay in bed and knit. I felt nauseous most of the day and just slept. It felt worse than being pregnant. That morning I had been happily playing at the sewing table, and half an hour later I went to bed. In the evening I was at least able to sit in the chair and watch tv. I didn’t feel well enough to walk across the room and get my knitting, though. The next morning I was almost myself.

Anyway, here are the Solstice gifts I got for the girls:

Aren’t they adorable? I love them for the dark, gothic look they have. They are in a plastic sleeve, so the strange stripes of color aren’t real. We are going to hang them up in their room. I bought these on Etsy from the The Black Apple. I love Emily’s creations.

I decided to go ahead with sewing a project a day while we are off from school. I’ve done pretty well with it so far. On Christmas night, I made myself a denim skirt. Today I am making myself a skirt from McCall’s 5390. I will show pictures of it tomorrow. Before Christmas, I made myself a top that didn’t turn out as well as I hoped. It is very off putting because I had really looked forward to wearing it. I think it is too short and can’t think of any way to make it look better. Right now it is set aside until I can bear trying to wear it. Maybe it isn’t really as bad as I thought it was.

Before Christmas I got the trainer for my bicycle. I rode it 20 minutes the first day and decided to jump it up to 40 minutes the next day. That was a HUGE mistake. My legs felt fine, but my backside hurt so bad that I couldn’t get on it again for days. I haven’t been on the bike since the middle of the summer. Bicycle seats are one of those things that can do you in if aren’t used to them. Now I am working up to 40 minutes from 20. And then on up to an hour.

My Soria vest is going well. Right now I am well into the band of color work at the bottom. I love color work.


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