Christmas Decorating

What is it about decorating for Christmas that makes you want to harm your offspring? This morning when I was getting the tree and lights ready, I sent them to clean their room. The only spot I could see that was cleaner was about 2 feet x 2 feet. No one got a reward for cleaning. After they got done decorating their share of the tree, I forced them to put on boots, pants (they were wearing dresses), and coats. And then I shoved them out the door to play in the snow. By that point I didn’t want to see them for a good long time.

Today, I actually began to wonder if I was supposed to put up our tree today. It was, of course, trouble with the lights. I keep the tree lights with the tree. Half of them worked. I found more lights, and half of them worked. However, in some cases 2 halves make only 1 half. I plugged the 2 working strings together and they worked. I put them on the tree and then only 1 of them worked. I finally settled on 2 different sizes of colored LED lights. Good thing I caught that after christmas sale last year!

I am still not finished decorating the house, but it is nice that the tree is done. This is what I played with later:

I love making wreaths. After a little dismantling and some putting back together, I had this:

I used a couple packages of garland to fix up my wreath. I was sick and tired of seeing the wicker. The big bow is something I made a long time ago.

Now I feel in the Christmas spirit. Listening to Christmas music all morning also helped. There is now no reason to not get into my Christmas projects with gusto. Especially since Brent brought home a new color ink cartridge for the printer today. Girly scrapbooks, here I come!


Wow! Why has it never occurred to me to try and make a wreath? Beautiful.

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