Goaty Cuteness

I just wanted to share some goaty cuteness today:

I don’t understand how anyone could not love goats. To know them is to love them. They have so much personality. My life was so boring before and I just didn’t know it. As born farm girl, I find that I need livestock to be happy. I am thinking about getting some Shetland sheep so I can have a diversified flock. Once on Ravelry I read that chickens are gateway livestock. First you get chickens, then other birds, which leads things like pigs, goats, and sheep. And the next thing you know, you have a horse and 3 cows, too. I thought it was very funny, but it is also quite true. I think I will stick with the smaller animals. I like animals that can’t hurt me that much. I was kicked in the chest by a Holstein once.


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