Valentine's Sewing

Yesterday, when I was looking at patterns online, I decided the girls need Valentine’s dresses. I knew the V-day fabrics would be on sale, and I had found the perfect pattern that was on sale. Sadly, they were all out of that pattern. Fortunately, I have tons of dress patterns. I looked one up in the book and found it in the drawer to get the yardage off the back of the envelope. I’m going to add an underskirt with an eyelet ruffle to make them super girly. Not just regular girly.

I’ve used this pattern before. I made a dress for Knitter #2 when she was in preschool. It was WAY too big for her then, so I haven’t used the pattern again until now. She loved the dress, but I had to take it away because it developed a tear at the top. Every dress that I’ve made them that called for you to stay stitch from each side has done that unless I overlapped the stay stitching. Nothing is more off putting than to have a dress be worn 3 or 4 times and then it rips. I don’t buy cheap fabric for their clothes. I want the clothes to last. I’d like to see their kids wear the stuff, too. Providing they have girls to wear the dresses…

Gardening season will be upon us soon. It would behoove me to see if I even have any tomato seeds. If I don’t, I really need to order some. You can’t assume that just because you bought Brandywines and Mortgage Lifters last year that you will be able to get them this year. 2 years ago I bought them to augment our tomato patch and last year they were not to be had at any point in the garden planting season. And this year I have promised myself I won’t kill my baby plants like I did last year and 3 years ago. Hopefully this year the garden will thrive. I bought a book on drip systems to help with that problem. And if we have a bumper crop of grass hoppers, I think I will herd some chickens into the garden. They can’t harm it more than the grasshoppers did last year. I’ve never had chickens devour my entire garden.


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