So Long Chester

Yesterday we took Chester home and did a dance. He’s a nice enough goat, but he doesn’t smell very pretty. Not that he smells really bad. And once the fun part of visiting the girls was over, he started treating them the way bucks treat other goats. One of the girls was afraid of him by the time he left. Right after he came, I made a decision about how things are going to be set up when we have a buck. The buck pen is going to be well away from the girls’ barn and they will go visit him. I don’t want that smell in my milking area. Milk is sensitive to odors. Anyway, happiness and girliness reigns in the goat barn once again.

My Soria vest is coming along nicely. I’m starting to get impatient to wear it. I have mere inches to go before I get to divide for the front and back. If it hadn’t been so gloomy today, I would have pictures.

A while back, Heather of The A.D.D. Knitter said something about doing the Autumn Rose Pullover for the Ravelympics. I not only dared her, I double dog dared her to do it in 2 weeks. An entire sweater on size 2’s in 2 weeks? I think she is crazy, but I will be so in awe of her if she actually pulls it off.


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