Happy Valentine's Day!

I got both of the valentine dresses finished. They are both cute, but I only have pictures of the first one. The second one has yogurt on the front of it.

With this dress, I discovered the wonders of elastic thread. And with the second one, I discovered the troubles of elastic thread. It worked wonderfully with the first dress and not at all with the second one. I did everything the same. I suspect the difference is the weight of the fabric. I need to look it up online so I can finish the sleeves on the second dress.

Now I am considering what to do next sewing-wise. January is over, so I am free of my no yarn and no fabric buying diet. I have a vintage pattern that I started cutting out last summer. And I have a peasant dress for the girls that I cut out late last summer. I am leaning towards my dress so I can get all the fabric put to use. There is a lot of fabric with it. I can’t wait to wear it. It is definitely a warm weather dress. It is a poofy skirted halter dress from the 50’s. There is a little jacket you can make to go with it.

With my knitting, I am still working toward separating front from back on Soria. It seems to be taking forever. I haven’t had a lot of knitting time this past week. I starting making knitting time for myself yesterday. I also cast on for the Bonsai Tunic that was in the spring 2007 IK. It is my Ravelympics project. I am still casting on because I didn’t leave a long enough tail and I had to start all over. The Bonsai is knit in pieces, but of course, I am knitting it in one piece. I expect to have lots of vests to wear for next winter.

All the warm, sunny weather here has me anticipating spring. Spring fever has really set in. I ordered my garden seeds the other day from Southern Exposure and Territorial. I order more from Southern Exposure because they tend to have more drought hardy and heat tolerant varieties than Territorial does. That is very important around here.

The girls keep saying they want it to be summer. Right now it is hard to imagine it being so hot outside we won’t want to go outside after 10 am. I long for weather warm enough to wear tank tops and capris or shorts, too. When the heat finally comes, I will long for the short, cold days of December when the solstice comes. People are so fickle.

Have a nice, handmade Valentine’s Day. Make a valentine for your Valentine!


Adorable dress!
Rima said…
This is oh so cute@

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