Puppy Love

Brent never ceases to surprise me. He was all for me getting some sheep. And I was SO worried he would be unhappy about it. And then he suggested instead of fencing the whole place, we should just make the sheep and goats their own pasture. That was a bit surprising. Right now, I am waiting to find out how much the sheep are going to be. I could get some wethers right now if I want. But I might want to wait until summer and get some youngsters. It kind of depends on when we can fence a pasture and how much they are going to cost.

It is a week into the Olympics and I realized I had knit like half an inch of my project. I predict that I will not finish it in time. Right now it is at my MIL’s house. We went over this afternoon to help her and check on my SIL, Cherie. She is Brent’s older sister. They came over yesterday and Cherie woke up really sick this morning. She spent the day throwing up and having the dry heaves. They went to the ER late this afternoon and they gave her some things to help. The tests were inconclusive. Brent is convinced his mother gave her food poisoning. She is feeling better now and was able to eat dinner with us.

Cherie has the cutest toy Schnauzer. He is chocolatey brown with a bit of silver and is really tall for a toy Schnauzer. He isn’t much more than a puppy, so he is very fun. Scout decided we could be friends after I took him for a walk and then pulled all of the stickers out of his beard. We’ve had OLD dogs for so long, I’d forgotten how fun dogs are when they are young. My dog is very energetic, but he is also blind. Sam has tons of bounce, gets excited easily, and then runs into everything in the house on his way to the back door. His hearing is not what it once was, either. But it isn’t bad. He depends completely on his hearing to locate us, so it is very important. Considering Sam’s age, he is in incredible condition. He will be 15 this summer if I remember right. If I am wrong, he will only be 14.


Unknown said…
I would love to have a farm and animals...one day. What type of sheep are you considering? I am not even close on my knitting Olympics project. I have only been getting about 9 rows done a day, if any. I finished a short project with bulky yarn, and have a mobius cowl going, but my big challenge, a sweater, is not going to win a medal. However, I am still working on it, and hopefully will have the momentum to keep going on it.

I love the dresses - sometimes I wish blogger had a *love* button I could just push because I don't always take the time to log in and post a comment even though I read the threads. But then, I have missed the personal connection that you get from being comments.

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