Thinking of Spring

Yesterday was such a nice day to be outdoors. It was warm enough to go out without an actual coat, the snow is all gone, and the sun felt so good. I know that this weather isn’t going to last, but it felt so much like spring. In fact, it felt like a day in late March, but without the wind we almost always have at that time. And today looks like more of the same.

Last night I spent some time looking some stuff up on goat care at Fiasco Farm and found their gestation calculator. It looks like I’ll be getting baby goats for my birthday. I’ve been making a list of things I need to get. Like tattoo pliers and hoof trimmers. I’ve been such a slacker because I know I need to have this stuff on hand for when I need it. I was born and raised on a ranch. That’s probably why I didn’t think about getting it, actually. We always had the stuff.

I got started with the Valentine’s dresses yesterday afternoon. I got all the parts cut out for the first dress. I’m not going to cut out the second one until the first one is done. That way if I want to change something, I can. The girls pretty much wear the same size, Knitter #2 just needs things longer than Knitter #3. I need to sew the first dress today if I am going to get them both done by Thursday. Their parties are on Thursday and Friday.

Wednesday is Brent’s birthday. He told me the girls could get him presents, but I didn’t need to. So I bought him some fish for our tank. He’s been taking care of them and has complained that our Plecostamus doesn’t keep it clean. So I bought another one, some neons, and a couple Mickey Mouse Platys. By the time I got home, there were baby Platys. I don’t know if they snuck in with the water or if one of the fish had them on the way home. I put in some plastic grass for them to hide in. We have a 55 gallon tank that had less than a dozen fish in before I bought fish on Saturday. About once a year, I go buy a bunch of cool fish for our tank and usually most of them die. It is very annoying to spend $50 on fish to have only 5 or 6 fish a month later. And last year I went to a lot of trouble to make sure our tank was healthy before I went and bought fish. If these guys all thrive, I will go back for more fish. I love Mollies and Swordtails, but they didn’t do well for me last year. Heck, if we have a tank full of fish, I might be inspired to buy a new hood for our tank. I love watching fish.


Did you say 'warm enough to be outside without a coat'? Ok, I'm done with you for the next several months;)
Unknown said…
So weird that you have no snow, but Florida does. :) We have had a lovely winter here with lots of snow - I love it! Last year we had so much rain it was miserable and gray all the time.

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