My Day Off

Today is a kitchen day. I need to make cookies or buy snacks. And the yogurt was begging me to be made. There’s no sun today, so going outside isn’t as fun. Of course, there is always the spinning wheel…

I filled this up finally and now I have a new, empty one on the wheel. When I fill the third one up, I will have to buy more. OR. I could do something with it. There’s always that.

Here is the second valentine dress, free of yogurt:

I really like how both of them turned out, but I still want to fix the sleeves on the second dress.

I’m tired of not seeing the sun. This dreary weather is the pits. I’ll have my fill of sun this summer, but a few hours now would be nice. That nice weather last weekend made a spoiled girl of me.

I’ve been talking to my husband about building fence and getting steers. It is my feeling that he is probably not going to be keen on buying an animal that he doesn’t get eat or drink of. Of course, I am sure he’s probably not going to be so annoyed that I have to not get any sheep. It is just another conversation that I somehow dread having. He’s been pretty grumpy about everything lately. He can’t do much outside and being out of work this long isn’t fun. But I think what really is bothering him is his mom’s pending move to the country. I love my mother in law, but she can be a royal pain in anyone’s behind. She always wants Brent to do something for her. Up until now, the house they have here has been a weekend place for them. They live in Boise, about 80 miles from here. They can’t really afford to live there anymore and her husband’s health is failing quickly. So, while she can be a horrible pain, we also feel for her. She has to get rid of a lot of stuff since 2 houses do not easily become one. Especially when the 2 houses are decorated in different styles. This morning he asked me to call and I think it was because he couldn’t take it if his mother cried again. The whole family is stressing over this.


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