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My first finished object of the year! My lopi sweater is done.I finished it on Monday and wore it that afternoon and yesterday all day. The neck opening is a bit tight, but is stretching out to fit my slightly large head. When I made Brent's lopi sweater, I remember having to do the neck several times because he has an enormous head. The Istex patterns ought to be notorious for small neck openings. I have a couple patterns planned for the girls and I intend to remember the small neck openings on their sweaters. Not that I forgot about it on the latest one, I just thought there were going to be more decreases. And I couldn't be bothered to rip back. I think the sweater is going to be just fine. The best thing of all is the underarm grafting turned out great. Pictures soon, I hope.

It has taken me a really long time to wrap my head around Kitchener Stitch. Partly because I don't knit continental. I don't really knit proper English, either. Just another reason for me to learn Continental. I can't follow instructions in any knitting pattern on how to do a decrease, increase, or a cable because of the weird way I knit. And I don't even know how I ended up knitting the way I do. Anyway, I always tried to just alter the directions instead of changing the way my stitches were seated on the needles. I finally got smart a sock or two back and I am now beginning to get the hang of it. About time seeing as I am coming up on my 20th anniversary of knitting at the end of May.

I can't believe I have been knitting for almost 20 years! I'll have to do something special this year. It might need to involve some sweater designs I have been working at on and off for ages. Maybe I'll have to get done 'designing' and just knit them for crying out loud. The yarn has been languishing here for ages.

My orange shorty socks are coming along quickly since I'm not knitting a sweater anymore. I expect I will join the red yarn sometime today. I'm hoping to get all the gusset decreases done before I run out of orange. Of course, it doesn't matter much. When the orange is gone, it's gone. When I finish them, I will be free to start another project if I want to. But I am not sure I will. I might try to finish off the Bonsai vest first. I've had it on the needles for close to 3 years, so it would be very nice to be done with it and wear it before another winter is over. I really think that once I have the vest done, I will start to feel I'm getting ufo/wip stuff under control. Some of the others aren't exactly small projects, but somehow skinny yarn never feels like a big out of control knitting project.

I love knitting fingering weight. It makes me feel like a real knitter. When knitting started becoming popular 10 years or so ago, there started to be a lot quick to knit bulky patterns on the market. And I started to equate things made with super bulky or bulky yarn as patterns for beginners. People who want to say they knitted something, not part of something. A sweater on size 3 needles is intimidating for most beginners. A hat with bulky yarn on size 13 needles comes together pretty quickly. And that isn't a bad thing, because confidence is everything when you are learning something new. Anyway, back to the fingering yarn. There is nothing I love more than doing a fair isle or scandinavian pattern with their color changes. Fun stuff.


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