Knit, Bake, Dye

My knitting has been suffering. I was not as far along with my Bonsai Vest as I thought I was. So I had to take a good look at the vest and figure out where I was and what I needed to be doing. If you have guessed that this gave my knitting mojo a huge blow, you guessed well. I finally sat down with it today and got going again. I haven't taken any pictures of it lately. Maybe tomorrow or Friday I will have something to show.

Today I made these beautiful loaves of bread today:

They were so pretty, I had to take before and after pictures. I love a pretty loaf of bread. It just amazes me what patting out some bread and rolling it up does for it. Amazing.

I also dyed some yarn today:

I will take a vest knitting break this weekend and make hats for the kids. I promised them new hats a month or so ago. They deserve warm, hand knit hats to wear. I think I am going to get out my Elsebeth Lavold book for some inspiration. I thought about designing something special for each one. Then I thought about plain rolled brim. Simplicity. Now I am thinking semi-designed simplicity. We'll see what happens.


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