It's COLD outside! 3 degrees the last time I checked. And I had to send the kids off to school in this kind of cold. Sometimes it amazes me how they don't think they need to have their bodies covered when it is cold. Every day in December when Knitter #2 got off the bus, she did not have a coat on. My kids are almost the last stop. It is well after 4 pm when they get home, so the temperature has been dropping for a while when they get here. This morning I had a battle with Knitter #3 about wearing a hat. She has a headband and earmuffs that she likes to wear. But I am a narrow minded anti-frostbite kinda mom, so I told her no earmuffs. I thought I was being really nice letting her have the headband with a hat. There were tears. And as far as I know, she has survived with non-frostbitten ears.

When it is cold like it is now, some things don't fare well outside. Like this egg:

I really don't care to collect eggs more than once a day. I prefer a one trip fits all approach. Feed, water, egg collecting, done. So today's egg may be adventurously consumed today. Or tossed. It is currently thawing in a little bowl in the fridge.

How about my knitting progress? I've gotten through 2 decrease rows on the yoke of my Lopi sweater. Those rows are flying by now. I might finish by Monday. My current plan is that I could then concentrate on finishing my second shorty sock. After that, I am free to cast on my next project, a shawl. But I do want to concentrate on finishing my bun hat, so I think that if I cast on for the shawl, it will be my secondary project while I work on the bun hat. Unless the shawl is just way more fun to work on, of course.

A while back, I got a bug to make a hat with bulky yarn. So I came up with this hat that I like to call my Brown Mushroom hat. It is HUGE. I may try a different version on slightly less bulky yarn or on smaller needles. With some alterations. I am currently thinking I will write up the pattern from my notes and post it over on the pattern page, though. Here it is:

The picture does not do justice for how big it is. You'd have to see it on a head, but I don't have pictures of that yet.


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