Finished Object Pictures!

Finally pictures of the Lopi sweater:

And the grafted underarm:

One spot on the right arm needs a bit more stitching up to take care of the gap, but other than that, I pronounce it perfect. I need a full length shot of it for my Ravelry page.

And, several rows after finishing the gusset decreases, I joined the red yarn on my socks:

The socks are actually done, but need to be grafted at the toe. That means that I am now working on my next future finished object, my Bun Hat. It's a hat that can be worn with a bun. No pictures until it is ready. I am planning on writing up the pattern and putting it on Ravelry for all my long haired, bun wearing friends.

After finishing the hat, I am going to go to work on my Bonsai Vest. According to my own rules, I could cast on something new now. Like a shawl for the kal I joined on Ravelry. But I love getting all these projects done and out of the way, so I don't think I am going to start anything new yet.

Our deer vs the haystack issue has not gotten better. Everytime I think I've got the hay wrapped up tight, they find a way to get into it. Yesterday afternoon, Brent ran them off with the shotgun. I was ever so pleased to hear he'd already gone outside and chased them off earlier in the afternoon. It seems like a bit brazen for them to come in the middle of the day. The good news is that he had to go do something at the game warden's house today. The game warden said he'd bring us a roll of deer netting to use sometime this week.


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