Dread Wraps and Head Scarves

Today we will have a hair post. I've just finished the 'bun hat'. It is so new, there are not even pictures.

I have some pictures of how I wore my hair last Thursday:

I am wearing a tichel braided in with my hair and a purple dread wrap on the front. I also have this wrap around thing I made with yarn and ribbon knotted together. It wouldn't hold anything in place, but it looks pretty.

Since it has been so cold and my hair hasn't exactly been looking its best with the new experimental conditioners, I've been wearing my head scarves. I really should have gotten pictures yesterday of my lime green pashmina and my red sparkly scarf. The head scarves definitely keep my head warmer. Tomorrow I am planning to wear my tie dye head scarf I made last spring with one of my rainbow dread wraps. Hopefully, it will look awesome.

I am getting really tired of the cold we've been having. Yesterday morning it was 3 degrees. This morning 1 degree. Tonight at supper it was already down to 7, so I expect negative numbers by morning. I have to pack hot water every morning to the sheep, goats, and birds. And if the chicken eggs are not very fresh, I have to toss them out because they are frozen and cracked like the one a few posts back.

I am actually starting to feel a bit bad for the deer eating my hay. I have seen the same fawn nibbling hay down where I feed the ram and the wethers. I hope it has a mama to see it through the winter. The Fish and Game officer brought the roll of deer fence by today. We will wrap the stack and he will come back for the rest of the roll. I suspect part of the stack will collapse because so much has been eaten out of the bottom.


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