Antlers For Hay?

Happy New Year! Today is the last day of Christmas Break. Tomorrow the little knitters have to head back to school. The oldest is excited because she'll get to see all of her friends. The youngest is less excited because she finds staying home with mom to be the best. It is nice that someone likes me better than their friends.

Yesterday morning, Brent and I spent a good bit of time once again attempting to defeat the deer. They like our hay. A lot. There is this big, good looking buck who likes to bring some of his best lady friends and their children along for the haystack buffet. If I thought he might drop his antlers right next to the stack, I might feel a bit more forgiving. But I am pretty sure he won't. No free antler hair sticks for me, no free hay for him. When we quit using the feeder in the barn all the time, we quit stacking the hay in there. It is a pain hauling the hay in there. Our stack is considerably smaller now and easier to wrap the tarp around to keep the deer clan out. I don't feel a bit bad for them because we are not having a hard winter. Yet.

I am going to start the decreases on the sweater today. Very exciting. Maybe I will be wearing it by next week!

Before I go, I wanted to share this picture:

This is from about a month ago. It is a flipped bun with my Nightblooming draped hairsticks. I love the look of these in my hair! I've had them for nearly a year, but it has taken me a while to figure out just how to get them in my hair right since they are attached to each other.


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