Boo Progress

I have finished the sleeves on Boo. They are gardening. I didn’t take advantage of the sunshine while it hung around. I have this vile cold that is keeping me from enjoying the outdoors when it is nice. And tomorrow my husband is taking me to dig up some trees that we can have free if we go and dig. I will drug myself up good and take some kind of knitting along. This will be a child-free trip since we have to take the truck to haul the trees. I can barely remember what driving around without children was like. Just the three of us. His dog always went with us. These days, she is too old to go with us.

In the meantime, I have cast-on the body of Boo. There is something nice in knowing I am making the last piece of the sweater already. I will have to pick up and knit some edgings and the button bands, but that isn’t really knitting up a separate piece that has to sewn on. I hate sewing the pieces and parts together. There isn’t much shaping to this sweater, so it has been pretty easy to turn into a knit in one piece sweater.


Such cute sleeves!

Hooray to driving around without kids...
Lone Knitter said…
Those sleeves are super cute. It looks as if they've just sprung from the ground.

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