How I Hide the STASH

For secret pal, we are supposed to post about how we store our stash. So here are a few gratuitous yarn basket shots. I store all my yarn in baskets. The willow laundry hamper used to be full and overflowing with yarn. But then I got more baskets. Now the willow basket holds acrylic and the rest hold a mix of wools and cotton. My roving stash hasn’t grown enough to need a receptacle, but I have a basket in waiting for that. It used to hold yarn. Believe it or not, I decided it was just too big. It was an excavation project to find anything in it. This will probably still be the case if I use it for roving. The wire basket is for yarn remnants that I could use for making socks.

Today is my art class. I am hoping to remember to take all my supplies this week. Last week, I remembered my paint, but I had no paper to paint on. Nor did I have paper to draw on, pencils to draw with, or even a picture to work from. This resulted in a whole lot of laughing from other people. I got in too much of a hurry when I left home. Worst of all, I didn’t even have my snack!


Rebecca said…
I love seeing other people's stashes - so interesting to see how different each one is. I am excited to get all of my yarn together and see what it looks like. The only advantage of having your stash spread across the nation (I have some in AK, UT, & NC) is that you forget what you have so it's like getting new yarn when you see it again - if you still want it.
You even forgot your snack?!! Oh my, I'll bet you were in a state, I know I would've been!;)
Shelby said…
Hi!! You won the stash contest!! I'll have something out to you early next week!


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