Easter's Coming

What did I spend my day doing? I spent it cutting stuff out. Patterns, dresses, pants, a top. Not for me, for my little darlings. There is just something about spring and summer that just makes you want to sew up cute things for your kids. I’ve got about 4 things I want to sew up for myself, too.

I hope to get back to my knitting tomorrow. Today is mostly gone, so I doubt I will get much knitting done today. I spent yesterday and Saturday sewing up knitting needle rolls for my etsy shop. I thought it would be best to start such a risky endeavor on April Fool’s Day, so I did. I want to make some stitch markers, but I forgot some of the necessaries on my last shopping trip. Good excuse for another shopping trip, huh? No, I didn’t forget them on purpose…

Easter is less than a week away. I love Easter. Dying eggs, hunting for them, hiding them again and again. And who doesn’t love little bunnies decorating the house for a week or two every spring? Of course, there is also all the candy. Anyone familiar with being on a candy high from chocolate eggs? I love chocolate eggs. I think that truly my favorite thing about Easter is deviled eggs. Well, it is right behind seeing the look of delight on my kids’ faces when they see that the Easter Bunny brought them all kinds of goodies and maybe a fun toy.


Lone Knitter said…
Horray for etsy. Your shop looks great! Good luck with it, and have a great Easter!
Love the April Fool's day/ New Business idea, it's sure to be a hit!

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