Looking for a New Dream Yarn....

The new purse is almost done. Can’t wait. I have to do some looking around to see how I want to do the straps. My other projects are coming along. I am working my way through the acres of claret stockinette stitch on my window covering. And just to show that I still work on socks, a shot of the 3 month long socks. The finished sock was napping somewhere. For all you know, this is still the first sock. Unless I posted a picture when I finished the first one. It has been so long I really can’t remember.

What I really have been doing a lot of is looking at yarn online. A nice distraction. I am not planning on buying any new yarn. My dream yarn once upon a time was Brown Sheep Handpaint Originals. Then it became Noro Silk Garden. However, that has begun to wane and now I need to find a new yarn to long for. That is what I am telling myself, anyway. I love to look at yarns and dream of projects. It is fun, fun, fun.

And as for the above picture, I think we all know what happened to the little mouse. That is the bucket I feed my chickens and ducks with. One less mouse eating the chicken feed. It was better this way. Mouser was going to eat the little beast sooner or later, anyway. Yes, our cat is named Mouser and she is really a good mouser. Vermin killing machine. We could be in trouble when she passes on. Hopefully, that will be many, many years from now.


Lone Knitter said…
Where there are chicken, there are mice and therefore snakes, I find. At least in Texas we seem to have lots of snakes interested in the hen house. Our dear cat passed away a few years ago. It was really sad--we still haven't had the heart to get another, and there are quite more mice and snakes than we would like. I hope Mouser enjoyed the mouse.
Rebecca said…
Oh, I had a cat we called "Mouser" too! We lived in Montana at the time, and he would catch tons of mice and leave them everywhere. You would go out every morning and they would be on the porch, on the sidewalk, scattered through the lawn. He was a great cat. My grandmother has my newest cat right now - she has been keeping him during this year in AK. He brings her "gifts" occasionally, but as he brings them into the house, she doesn't get really excited about it. And then her dog tries to get them away - yikes! I think she is now more attached to him than I am, so I will be looking for a new kitty to adopt after I move.

I spent yesterday browsing yarn shops - I really didn't find a lot to buy. Ok, there was a ton to buy, but I couldn't justify just buying random yarn without a specific project. And then I think about all of the yarn I have, and waiting projects. *sigh* I did find a couple of goodies, though... imagine that. ☺
My new dream yarn is that Fleece Artist stuff...although I have no business even having a dream yarn!

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