Decorating with Yarn

Last Friday, I decided I was tired of my boring old projects, so I invented a new one. I had all this yarn that I bought for felting purposes a few years back. It is mostly Lopi, but there was also some brighter stuff called Gjestal Naturgarn #1. I decided I need a new purse for spring. I found my largest dpn’s and started figuring out how to make a circle without too much puckering from the increases. It took me until yesterday to get it just right. So this is my Lopi-Naturgarn purse. I’m having lots of fun knitting it. I am still working on the other projects.

That little project and the acquisition of a new, free lamp led to my redecorating with yarn spree this morning. My mother in law decided she didn’t need an enormous old lamp in her bedroom anymore. It is perfect right behind my knitting chair on my old cedar chest. The cedar chest is also enormous (I built it in woodshop in high school). I had cluttered up the living room with what little yarn I had left in our bedroom, so I figured I might as well decorate with it and few spare baskets. I think the metal one is an old beet basket. My mother used it when she picked corn in the garden when I was a child. I rescued it from obscurity about 10 years ago and ever since it has been a household item. I will always think of that basket as it was 30 years ago, full of corn with some tomatoes and peppers piled on top. Happy times.


What a cute little purse. Love your decorating with yarn concept as well!
Rebecca said…
I love baskets and boxes and containers - especially when I can fill them with yarn!

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