Travelling Sockitis

I have to tell you guys, I am going to love my Travelling Socks when I finish them. But I am knitting them on size 0 needles and they are taking forever. I am working on a heel flap that is driving me crazy. So I started some new socks. They are for one of the girls, which ever they fit. I think they will fit the littlest knitter. As you can see below, they are toe up. I am planning on doing socks for my husband that way. These are my learning pair. If they turn out to fit my littlest knitter like I think they will, I may do a slightly larger pair for more practice. By the time I get to my sweetie’s socks I will know what I am doing. I am using Knit Picks Palette remnants from the Ladybug sweater (Marihone).

The other day, I actually sewed up a dress for one of the girls. I was going to sew a dress for the other girl, but it requires a zipper that I don’t have right now. I can sew the pants/top outfit for her. Or my pants that have been languishing for 2 months. OR. I could knit.

Yesterday I saw the coolest notebook that I just have to have. I forget what it was called, but the top half of the page is blank for drawing and the bottom half is lined for writing. I am going to get one and use it for my design book. If it were perfect the back sides would be graph paper. I somehow doubt that they do, though. You don’t always need graph paper, anyway.


I am also doing some socks right now on 0s because I saw a woman in our knitting groups doing them and I am sick of slouch socks. But you are right, they take f-o-r-e-v-e-r!
Rebecca said…
Oh, those itty-bitty needles...I am working on 1's and just doing a rib pattern and it seems to be taking forever. The lace pattern I am doing is actually going faster (size 2) even though I have worked more on the ribbed ones. I am scared to even try 0's - I think they would snap just from looking at them. So slow...I may have to work on a quilt or something instead for a bit. Or maybe cast on a new project - always a good option.

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