My New Spring Purse


My new spring purse is dry, but the lighting hasn’t been great here with the rain and gloom. My after picture was taken with a flash and that always makes yarn colors look different in my experience. It needs a bit of fixing up before we head out into the world, but I love it. I used the handle from Nicky Epstein’s Floral Felted Bag in the Fall 2004 IK. Page 52 for those who are interested. My bag holds its shape pretty well, I didn’t have to stuff anything in it to get it to stand up. That makes me very happy. I like a bag to have some body to it.


Now I am back to all that other knitting. Naturally, I am thinking of other things I would like to knit afterwards. I’ve decided that I want to make Thermal from the last Knitty. When I first saw it, I wasn’t all that attracted to it. Since then, I have seen some that people have made or are working on, and now I like it. I have to find a suitable yarn because the Knit Picks Gloss that the pattern uses doesn’t come in colors that I like. I’m not having much luck, so I might have to get some of their yarn and dye it. Red, of course.

Anyway, I have been craving cake lately. So this afternoon I made a spice cake with maple frosting. Yum. Not out of the box, either. A real dig out the cookbook and measure all the ingredients kind of cake. I love getting cake and frosting recipes out of my grandmother’s cookbooks. Some of the more modern cookbooks are a bit lacking in variety. One of my grandmother’s cookbooks has some fascinating recipes. It was a compilation by some magazine back in the 30’s. If I ever need to cook a squirrel, I know where to look. However, it does tell how to make your own marshmallows, which might actually be useful. I could NEVER eat a squirrel.


How funny--I've been wanting to make Thermal as well!

Love your purse, btw. Nice work!
Rebecca said…
I like the bag - I think a bag might have to be my next project.

That cake sounds good...I have been craving cake lately, and just got a new baking cookbook yesterday - talk about temptation. Maybe one day I will be a baker. I have made marshmallows before - well, I didn't form them, I just used them soft in rice krispy treats. I have seen somewhere (I think a Martha Stewart magazine) where they make the marshmallows into shapes for things, like to add snowflakes to your hot cocoa.

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