This is Duckly with a couple of her friends, a buff orpingtion and a buff bantam cochin. They are thinking how nice it is that Duckly is having her bath in their drinking water. Duckly is a runner duck, the cutest sort of duck ever. She is a lonely duck since all of her comrades have passed on. We are going to get her new comrades next year. We were going to this year, but for various reasons, we didn't. Runner Ducks are SO cool.

Now that it is summer again, I am desperate to get to my summer tops. I promised myself I would sew the little girl projects first. Yesterday I bought a book so I could make those gathered, piped seams look prettier than they might have otherwise. I think the book has helped.

There hasn't been much knitting progress on the sweater. When we went off shopping yesterday, I took the sock with me. It may be done by the time the snow flies around here. Usually that is November. Sometimes we get cold before the snow comes, though. Hopefully, by that time I will have finished several pairs to keep my toes toasty.


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