Is That A Sock?

Yep, it is a sock. I have made loads of progress on it lately, too. I decided it would be okay to focus more on the sock than the sweater since I would like to make a pair of socks in less than a year for once. After the sweater is done, I may even wait before starting the next kiddo project and make another pair of socks. My husband gets socks when this particular sock is done. It is kind of embarrassing that it takes me this long to make a pair of socks. I love doing them, but they always seem to take the backseat to the bigger projects.

We also have sweater progress to show off. I love that baby sweaters are so fast. Too bad I can't make one for me this fast.... Ladybugs, ladybugs, and more ladybugs. I love them.

Some day I am going to join some KAL or something. They look like they would be fun. Rather than knitting something up all by myself here. I will just have to like something that other people like. How hard can that be?

Today I spread out all the yarn I bought earlier this year. I had forgotten some of the colorways I had. There are a lot of socks in that box of yarn. One of the sweaters I have already made didn't take as much yarn as it said, and I am anticipating that happening with some more of them. I am going to end up with about 15 balls of unused yarn, I think. Maybe not. It is all fingering weight, so I can always make socks with them. It's always fun to pet your yarn. I have noticed lately reading other blogs, some girls get yarn from their men for birthdays. Naturally, I alerted my husband to this fact. When Lone Knitter got yarn, I thought it was very cool. Then Cari at Dogs Steal Yarn was given yarn for her birthday. Hmm, I thought. I would LOVE to get yarn from Brent for my birthday. Wishful dreaming, perhaps.


Lone Knitter said…
Well, I didn't get the yarn by surprise! I had to TELL my boyfriend to buy me yarn! I have learned that men are almost always happy to do anything if, and only if, they are ASKED or told. Ha Ha! Otherwise, I think they are a bit clueless.

I love the sock you are making. I love the way ribbed socks look, but I haven't been brave enough to make one.

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