Husband Socks

I've decided on a pattern for my husband's socks. Last week I picked up the current issue of IK and there they had a pattern for some men's socks ( Fall '06, Father and Son Socks, p.92). I was finding that with most of my patterns, I didn't have enough yarn. Men's feet are bigger than women's and seem to take a third ball of yarn much of the time. This pattern doesn't. I was thinking about doing some toe up socks, but I wasn't sure if I really wanted to do toe up. I have the Priscilla Gibson-Roberts book Simple Socks Plain and Fancy and I may still change my mind make some toe up socks for him out of that book.

Today feels like fall. It isn't very warm and there is a goodly, cool breeze blowing. It's the sort of cool weather that makes you want to knit all day long. And I just might.


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