No Knitting Allowed

As if I needed temptations, Knit Picks has new yarns and new colors. I am not actually drooling, but I could. Really.

I have reached the heel flap on my sock. And I made my wrist sore working on it yesterday, so I don't think I can knit today. A good excuse for updating my knitting list. So, I updated my list of socks I want to make. It is getting long. I really need to spend more time knitting socks, I guess. The other knitting lists are mental because they aren't as long. How convenient that I happened over to the Knit Picks (with all the new yarn) site this morning when I am planning projects today. Hee hee. (no, make that a maniacal laugh)


Lone Knitter said…
New yarn? I hope your wrist is all better soon so you can tackle that new yarn and your sock list.

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