Summer vs. Winter

Another delightful, hot august day. Yay. That is what the archives are for. By that, I mean it is absolutely delightful to look at pictures of last winter in the archives of blogs. It makes you think of how when the snow comes you suddenly want to knit socks or a sweater. Then there is the beauty of it still being summer. You can still wear sandals and your cool summer clothes. That leads on to my picture today. A red halter top that I made a few weeks ago. I love it. I had to alter it to make it fit right, but that's what makes sewing fun. Why make things for yourself if they aren't going to fit just so?

the lovely red halter top

I can't decide if I want to sew or knit today. Maybe I will just surf the net and drool over accessories. Knitting accessories, like a swift, a spindle, maybe a ball winder. I can't drool over a spinning wheel until I know how to spin on a spindle. My own rule to keep drool levels down. I am really envious of someone who got a spindle and roving from their secret pal. You know who you are. I am going to learn how to spin if I have to rob the neighbors sheep of their wool. I have wanted to learn how to spin since I was a girl. There were a lot of things I read about as a child that I wanted to learn how to do. Spinning is probably the last one for me to learn.


Lone Knitter said…
That's a CUTE top. I never was adept at sewing. I wish I paid more attention to my mother when she was sewing. Say, there's a roving/spindle swap you might be interested in. It doesn't look as if it has that many participants, and it might be a nice way to get a spindle and make a friend at the same time. Sign ups end on Wed. August 30. Here's the URL: I think I'll have to put off testing my spindle until after my eyes improve :(

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