So Many Weaknesses, So Little Time

I was excited to see the little booklet from the community college come on Friday. I am always excited to see it because it is fun to see what sort of community classes they have. Just in case some day I am one of those people who could take a fun class. I think I have arrived at that time. They have a drawing class for Friday afternoons. Better sharpen my pencils.....

I have made progress on the ladybug sweater. Progress in colorwork is so pretty. You can always tell that you have made progress by the new colors. Last post I mentioned Knit Pick's new yarn. I decided I have to wait to buy more yarn until I get some of the current stuff used up. I have no place to keep it. My knitting hamper is running over. My knitting hamper is a large, lined willow laundry hamper. And then there is the large basket my husband brought me one day. It has loads of yarn in it. And, there are also plastic bags of yarn...... Granted, most of them are packaged up as projects to do. Still, I must be strong and not lose total control of myself. I am saving the loss of control for the pattern sale at the fabric store on Friday. Naturally a sale means I will be buying fabric for sewing. I know a little knitter who just needs a little corduroy jacket.... And a snowman sweater.

And now to explain the picture. My mother in law was given leopard print fleece fabric, so she decided their little dog needed some blankets. One for each house. I took my cutting mat and rotary cutter over and we made the blankets in a snap. She even helped by tying some of the knots. She isn't a crafty person, so it is an accomplishment that she got it done. If you want to organize a party, she's the lady to talk to. Anyway, I took a picture of one of the doggie blankets. Happy, happy doggie.


Lone Knitter said…
That's one lucky doggie! I want a doggie bed!

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