Mr. Rooster

It's a rooster flask! How cool is that? It is a birthday gift from my best pal, Hillary. She is my neice's mother. My birthday was about 2 months ago, but we almost never send the presents at the right time. Every once in a while it happens. I almost forgot about the fabric in the picture. It is a vintage print from Jo Ann's that is going to be a new top for me. I got some vintage looking buttons to go with it.

I have to thank Lone Knitter for the link to the spinning and roving swap. For once, I found out about something in time to sign up. I am usually too late. Tomorrow is the last day. It looks like a great opportunity to get started spinning.

The other day, I switched to a circular needle on Marihone. I was using 5 dpns, but I was getting these horrible ladders in the sweater. On socks and hats, I usually use 4 and don't seem to get ladders like that. I had been using the dpn's because I didn't think my circular was small enough. It is working out well now and I am actually happy about knitting on the sweater. There is nothing worse than when you just hate working on a project.

ps. sometimes blogger hates you and won't upload your pictures. GRRRRR!!!


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