The Cute Little Turtle Strikes Again

Today I started working out again. Our driveway is once again decent to run on. Hopefully, I can keep with it and make it to my goal weight by the end of June. Right now, I weigh 138 and my goal weight is 120. My fitness goal for this year is to able to keep up a workout no matter my schedule changes. Before I had kids I was capable of being very flexible with my workouts. I could do them any time of day and not get out of my habit. After I had kids, it all changed. It has been very hard the past 5 years not keeping up with my workouts because I was used to being very fit.

Knitter #3 took her Patchwork Tortoise to preschool today for show and tell. Now I have to make one for her teacher. The high school helper said she wanted the pattern. That’s a girl. She wants to make one. I always endeavor to encourage crafting in other people. Patchwork Tortoise IS really cute.

Tonight after supper, we are going to try out my new toy. Pictures and evidence tomorrow. I ordered a ball winder when I ordered the spinning wheel. I can’t believe it got here already. The spinning wheel should be here sometime this week. I got a fiber credit with my order, so I should do something about spending it before the wheel gets here.


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