Reducing Clutter with Stashalong?

Today I was going through my Ravelry groups to weed out ones I don’t really ever visit. One of the groups I looked at was Stashalong. Stashalong used to be a blog, but now it is a Ravelry group. I decided that this year for Stashalong, I want to finish all my wips/ufos. I don’t remember having that choice before, but last year I was thinking I had been getting a bit out of control with my yarn. Right now, with Brent not working, knitting from stash is a really good idea. Plus, it helps declutter.

I have to get rid of some of my yarn so I can make space for my fiber stash. My fiber stash is probably going to grow because I ordered a Kromski Minstrel spinning wheel. Just in case people wonder how my husband can be out of work and I can be buying a $500 wheel, I got my share of one of my father’s annuities recently. (I very responsibly put most of it in the bank.) Back to the wheel, I have drooled and wanted this particular wheel for many years. I can’t tell you how many times I have dreamed and researched and always came back to this one. And a spinning wheel can’t be neglected, so I will have to have some stash for it. Maybe I could steal some of the neighbors sheep? They have so many, how could they miss 5 or 6? I have mentioned before that I live up the road from the largest sheep ranch in Idaho. Right now, about half of their ewes are lambing a mile from my house. It makes the drive to town very cute and adorable.

Today, we had the first rain of the year. The first non freezing rain, anyway. It was very nice. Maybe spring really IS coming!


Terre Brothers said…
Congrats on the spinning wheel. My husband is out of work too, since October, and so I understand what you mean about the money. I really enjoy reading about your knitting and planting. Keep up the great blog!
Rebecca said…
That is the same spinning wheel I keep drooling over. I really want one, but can't really justify getting a second wheel. Maybe if I am able to get a full time job and sell my other wheel, I too will be in Kromski heaven. I look forward to hearing how you like the wheel after you have had it awhile. I think using the drop spindle was a lot easier after I learned how to draft using a wheel.

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