More Hours Lost to Ravelry...

This morning, I wasted hours on Ravelry going through the toys in the pattern section. Easter and a birthday are coming up this spring, and I had to find some fun stuff. And I did. I think I might need some toys. I found some little Hello Kitties that were cute as heck. My best finds today were crocheted. I love crocheted toys.

My second mitten is coming along nicely. It will no doubt be finished faster than the first one. I am rather jazzed about the idea of finishing some stuff so I can start crocheting that butterfly afghan I was talking about a few days ago.

Today was another lovely day. It was nice enough that I was able to hang jeans out on the clothes line and they got dry. I love when I can dry my jeans outside. It is also nice to have the ducks and chickens running around the yard again. When the ground is covered in snow, they won’t even come out if I leave the gate open. They are smarter than we think!


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