An Odd Day

Shopping sucks. Today, we tried to buy a video camera. Local Walmart has almost no video cameras other than the display cameras. We tried to go buy cheese at the cheese factory that used to buy my families milk. They no longer have a store. I never thought it could be so hard to part with a tax refund in my life. We did manage to buy some fish for our 55 gallon aquarium. Last fall, I decided it need to have more than 3 lonely little red eye tetras. Now they have around 30 friends. Not all purchased today.

My MIL’s dog has been staying with us for several weeks while they are off on a vacation in Mexico. Poor thing is going to have to go home next week. She is spoiled. Sometimes she doesn’t want to go home when they come to get her. I have to admit, I find it funny, but I also feel bad.

Something weird happened this afternoon after we’d been home a short time. There was this weird noise and we felt this vibration under our feet. Brent said it sounded to him like an earthquake. But there was nothing on the news about anything. We live in a place where there are almost never quakes, so I wouldn’t know if one happened or not. He lived in Alaska for 11 years and felt them often. It was odd is all I can say.


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