Happy Valentine's Day!

This is what I did for my adorable family today:

I also made our favorite oatmeal muffins for breakfast this morning. We have them almost every weekend. They are from an old cookbook of my Grandmother’s. Old cookbooks rock. A while back we were out of cupcake papers, so I made breakfast cookies with them. They were really cool. It was like having the top of a muffin. The bottoms were soft enough to be buttered, too. MMM….

A couple weeks ago, I finally decided what birds to get this spring. I ordered some Narragansett turkeys in addition to Delaware and Barred Rock chickens. There are to be 5 turkeys. Hopefully, there will be a couple good looking ones to keep and a couple to eat. Providing they survive to adulthood, that is. Domestic turkeys aren’t known for being rocket scientists. But they are kind of fun and cool. My mom raised turkeys several times when I was a kid. It’s a nostalgia thing.

I was going to plant some seeds today, but as of yet, I haven’t even gone through my seeds to see what I have. Or looked for my flats to plant them in. Maybe tomorrow.

My knitting suffered today because I have a sore wrist. It keeps me from knitting for long periods of time. I suspect I re-injured it moving Slinky the cat and her kennel around the house. It is an old farm work injury that resurfaces every so often when I don’t treat my hands and wrists appropriately. Slinky’s kennel used to belong to Candy, our late hunting dog. It is huge and takes 2 people to move if anything is in it. Anyway, not as much knitting as I hoped.


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