Spinning On My Mind

This is what the girls and I did after dinner last night:

They were surprisingly willing to take turns. In the end this is the result we got:

I can’t get over how soft and squishy the balls are. I love them.

Today was such a nice day. It was nearly 60 again. Our snow is nearly gone because it hasn’t been below freezing for days. I hung laundry out today. Last week was the first wash day in ages when I was able to hang some of our wash out. Next thing, it will be summer and all the wash will be dry before noon.

This morning, I did my fiber shopping. They were suspiciously out of several fibers I had been eyeing. I like fibers with a bit of their own natural color. I ordered 4 different fibers, or maybe 3. I ordered 2 different kinds of BFL because it is totally addicting. I have some on my spindle right now. Several of the fibers I ordered because it said they were good for beginning spinners to use. I will probably need all the help the fiber can supply. I am hoping that spinning with a wheel will be easier for me than the hand spindle. I’ve heard of people finding the wheel easier. Hopefully, I will be one of them.


Quilting Mama said…
What wonderful success with the ball winder. Good to hear the girls had fun helping out.

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