Mitten Pictures

I present my finished mitten:

Another shot:

My mitten/gloves are not going to match for a number of reasons. The mitten cap on the first one isn’t long enough or snug enough for my taste. I think the first one may get a draft under it. The color changes on the thumb makes gaps in the thumb that I don’t like. It also isn’t long enough. If I like the second glove/mitten (I hate the word ‘glitten’), I may go back and fix the first one.

Yesterday, I really thought I had hit the jackpot with the butterfly afghans. Until last night when I printed them off and started comparing. They were the same pattern with different shades of yarn. That was annoying. I could always go through the patterns I already have and see if I can find a little girly one. Or make a pretty ripple afghan in little girl colors. I found all my white yarn last night and definitely have enough to make the butterfly afghan for one of them. I might have to buy one skein of the darker pink stuff. I know I have some really old (from my childhood) pink acrylic around here somewhere. I almost never throw away yarn. If I can find a way, I will post a picture here of it here tomorrow.

I’ve been giving my green headband a lot of thought, and I have decided to tear it out. I may restart it sometime with a different yarn. I just don’t think the green will look all that great with the orange or blue that I have. There definitely isn’t enough green to finish the headband.

Gardening season started for real today. I planted tomatoes and brussels sprouts. The tomatoes are Brandywines, Glacier, and Black Prince. All procured last year from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. Yesterday I ordered Mortgage Lifters and Amish Paste tomatoes along with some lettuces, other greens, parsnips, and carrots. The greens I ordered are Kale, Sorrel, Orach, and Watercress.


Anonymous said…
Great mittens! I really like the colors. V. Jealous about the garden, we are going to be getting snowstorm here in Buffalo, ny...
Rima said…
Your mittens are cute! The colors just blend together.

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