No Sprouts Yet....

No plants sprouting yet. I picked up a few seeds today. I might have gotten more, but I couldn’t remember what I had already ordered, so I’ll have to make a seed shopping list. It would be much more fun if it were really spring and I could plant things in the real garden.

I am discovering that as I get older and accumulate more unfinished projects, I am becoming weak. Last night I cast on a BYOB. I have wanted to cast on ever since the pattern came out, so maybe I am not a total wuss. Last night I decided I had waited long enough for my own handmade grocery bags. In an hour or so, I finished the handgrips and got the bottom started. I’ve promised myself to only work on it in the evening when I can’t see the brown and purple I am using for the mittens. I need to finish something someday.

Accordion is coming along. It is very boring knitting. K4, P4, repeat forever. At least with Stockinette stitch you get to knit a row and then purl a row. I think I will really get a lot of wear out of my Accordion sweater, but I will not make the kids version for the girls like I thought I would.


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