No More Snow, Please

We’ve gone back to having winter weather here. For the past few weeks, we’ve been having lovely weather that indicated spring was on its way. We’ve been getting snow for several days. Fortunately, it hasn’t piled up. I was really happy with my yard becoming more and more devoid of snow, though.

We’ve finally managed to get rid of all of my father’s animals, so I am hoping to have more time for myself. Knitting time, sewing time, relaxing time. I might get to use my new toys/tools with a little time on my hands. I got a serger a while back and I haven’t even had time to try it out. I have used my new sewing machine and LOVE it.

Here they are:

And I had to buy fabric to try out all the great stitching possibilities:

And now Brent is laid off again, so no more spending money. Now I have to sew from my stash. And knit from it. Naturally I found lots of things I liked in the Spring IK and the latest Knitscene. And that is something that NEVER happens. I usually look at the magazines 5 or 6 times and then things begin to look appealing to me. Figures…


Sarah said…
I hear ya on the snow. We've had a rough winter here in Chicago, with a brief reprieve of melting and 50s last week. It's so darn hard to get teased like that.
Jealous of your serger!!

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