Knitting and Finding Projects

I got a bit of knitting done today. I finished my glove and am starting the second one. After finishing the first one, I decided to completely scrap the pattern I used. I am going to follow the Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns and place the mitten cap a little lower than I did on the first one. I immediately started the second glove, to keep a good momentum going. When I finish the second glove I am going to write down my pattern so I can make it again in the future.

Since I can’t really buy yarn for the projects I am seeing in the magazines right now, I have decided to seek out projects I can do with my stash. I have quite a bit of old white and off white acrylic yarn that wants to be used. I spent 2 days searching for free afghan patterns that would be suitable for little girls and have come up with 2 different butterfly afghans from the Coats and Clark website. I may have to buy a little yarn to do them, but they should cause a net loss in my stash. And one thing about acrylic is that it is really CHEAP. All I have to do now is collect all the yarn together and weigh it to make sure I have enough. And finish some other projects, of course.


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